“It’s not often any hiring manager can proclaim such a lofty testament as to say one particular individual was the best hire they ever made. For me, however, there is truth in this statement when I think of what Sari did for my news operation … Sari’s ultimate achievement with WHTM-TV was leading us to become the number one social media operation in our market. In a matter of months Sari was able to grow our followings by more than 20,000, putting us over our powerhouse competitor, WGAL. This was no small feat and the payoff was huge. Not only did this help us increase our web traffic by more than 1 million visits per month, but it directly increased our ratings, so much so that we experienced up to 20% share growth in our May 2013 Nielsen book.”

— David Jones, News Director at abc27 News (WHTM-TV)

“Sari demonstrated numerous skills and character traits which made her a valuable and outstanding employee and team member. Among them, Sari exhibited:
Competence to carry out every task assigned to her, with excellence
Resourcefulness in finding solutions to problems and adapting according to the needs of the moment
• Excellent people skills, with the ability to work well with, and to lead, a wide range of personality types
• Energy , enthusiasm and positivity, day in and day out, through a challenging, and sometimes, grinding schedule
• Good organizational skills, and keen attention to detail 
Exceptional writing and editing skills
• Working well both independently and in team 
• Initiative – she dove into her work, without needing to be told what to do
• A consistent ability to multitask – to balance working on the computer, on the phone, and with people – in a constantly-evolving balance on a day-to day basis
Diligence in seeing tasks through to completion
• Loyalty to our students, to our program, to our leadership team, and to me as her Director

In short, Sari has been an exceptional employee and team member. We hate to see her go. I would recommend her without reservation.”

— Dr. Douglas Maguson, Director of the Middle East Studies Program

“She is an excellent researcher, good writer, a first-rate editor and tech-savvy Social media is her strong suit. She tracked comments on Twitter regarding the House majority leader when he was perceived by advocates as blocking passage of school choice. I handed her that issue and she took off with it. At one point, I attended a press conference with her where iterations of the school choice bill were announced. Proponents were billing it as a two-year trial plan. She spent time carefully reading the legislation and the press release. She came to me and said, ‘It’s not a two-year plan.’ It wasn’t.”

— Brad Bumsted, State Capitol Reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Sari is an outstanding journalist who has accumulated significant national and international experience-any media outlet would be fortunate to have her on the team!”

— Kim Phipps, President of Messiah College

“Sari has done a tremendous job of moving our campus newspaper to a new level of professionalism. She has good journalistic skills and ethics, she works well in a team, and she has a good feel for how to combine traditional journalism with social media strategies … she’s a very good writer. I’d recommend her highly.”

— Peter Powers, Dean of the School of Humanities Messiah College

“A bright reporter with excellent writing skills, strong attention to detail and a good nose for a story.”

— Brai Odion-Esene, Washington Content Manager at Market News International

“Sari’s vast array of on the field and professional experiences enable her to be both a great resource and idea generator for both our college newspaper and Messiah Pulse Student Media Hub.”

— Morgan Lee, Student Director at The Pulse: The Messiah College Media Hub

  • Contact information and additional recommendations are available upon request.

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