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Issue Coverage: Jerry Sandusky Trial 

In the fall of 2011, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was charged with sexually abusing ten boys. Soon after, Penn State administrators accused of covering up the abuse were also charged.

In the wake of the scandal, some state lawmakers pushed for changes to the statute of limitation and the state’s mandatory reporting laws. This proposal included a plea from one lawmaker who said she had never told anyone she was abused over 60 years ago.

Sandusky’s case went to trial in June 2012 and Sari created and maintained a Twitter account dedicated to the trial. She was present for the entire court proceeding and took detailed notes that were published on abc27’s website and read around the world. In addition, she wrote articles about the testimony from Sandusky’s accusers and defenders. She was there when he was found guilty and worked to assist her colleagues as they broadcasted hours of live coverage of the event. Months later, Sandusky’s lawyers argue that he needed a new trial and the judge later denied that request.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signs the first on-time state budget in eight years on June 20, 2011. (Taken for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Issue Coverage: School Vouchers

As the Spring 2011 session of the Pennsylvania legislature was winding down, there was a final push to get a major school choice bill passed before recess. While also working to cover the ongoing budget debate, Sari updated her readers at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on developments with the school voucher issue every step of the way:

As the House Majority Leader Mike Turzai supported a new voucher plan, Gov. Tom Corbett said the bill was well-positioned for passage. Both men geared up to push the issue. Then, a hearing on the issue that had not been properly Sunshined was declared ‘null and void’ and time was running out on the push to pass a voucher plan. The night before recess, lawmakers finally fessed up, saying the school voucher bill was on hold until the fall. A couple of days later, Sari published a story analyzing why vouchers failed.


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