Feature Stories

Nicole Jackson shared with Sari the story of her stillborn son, Thomas Maximus Jackson.

  • Tony Forte carries a burden no 7-year-old should have to bear:  it’s going to take a child’s life to save his. He needs several new organs — a stomach, liver and intestines. Follow the link to read about how his family is campaigning to get Pennsylvanians to sign up to be organ donors.  You can also watch this story, which aired on abc27 News (WHTM-TV, Harrisburg, Pa.).  
  • In June 2011, Pennsylvania parents welcomed a state law that recognized stillborn babies with special birth certificates. Previously, the children only received death certificates and Sari spoke with mothers – and great-grandmothers – about the pain of still birth and why they spent years lobbying for a bill that would give their babies dignity. This story appeared on the front page of the Harrisburg Patriot-News’ Sunday edition.
  • Following a court decision, government records in Pennsylvania were harder to get. Sari delved into this issue by researching the court decision and speaking to the lawyers involved in the case. In order to tell the human side of the story, she searched public records and databases to find people affected by the change. This story appeared on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Local News section.
  • Following a four percent cut in state spending, a Pennsylvania in-home help program for the needy faced cutbacks, which providers said could result in longer waiting lists for disabled and sick residents. To help bring  life to a story about a budget line item, Sari used her network of sources to find consumers who were willing to speak about their dependence on this care and what budget cuts could mean for them. This story appeared on the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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